Of course, all throughout the Planet, there are a whole lot of Christmas- and Santa-themed webpages for you to enjoy, and the following represents a cross-section of some of my personal favorites!

Macy*s Thanksgiving Day Parade

The World Santa Claus Congress, on the grounds of Bakken, the world’s oldest, continuously operational amusement park, in Klampenbourg, Denmark, a skosh or two from Copenhagen, along with the Danish Santa Claus Guild

The Scottish Christmas Walk and Parade Weekend, Historic Alexandria, Virginia

Toronto’s Santa Claus Parade

Telus Santa Claus Parade, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

The Charles W. Howard Santa Claus School, Midland, Michigan

The International Santa Claus Hall of Fame at Santa’s Candy Castle, Santa Claus, Indiana

The Hollywood Christmas Parade

The Mother Goose Parade, El Cajon, California

Walt Frasier, SantaNYC, one of Manhattan’s newer Kringles…….

……and of course, my own, other Santa site, KringleQuest.com, v.5,
where all of these and a whole lot more links can be found!

You can also look me up at Facebook.com/ElfWithoutJingles and at Facebook.com/KQElf, where every day until Christmas Eve, I’ll introduce and/or comment about something I think is very interesting, be it in or out of the North Pole!