Y’know, when you’re Santa’s New York Representative, there are a lot of things about the Big Apple that you have to share with folks. Here are several of mine:

The Empire State Building. I know, everyone comes there expecting a visit from big ol’ King Kong. But I prefer when the place is all lit up in red-and-green, Christmas’ official colors!

Yankee Stadium. The reason Major League Baseball in this town endures, kids. There are, at times, days when the Bronx Bombers have tended to disappoint me, given that I’m a Yankee fan myself, but I do make an effort to be as nice to the House That Babe Ruth Built as possible! (Ho-ho-ho!) Besides, Santa now has his own Winter Wonderland at Yankee Stadium, and you can see photos from there at www.facebook.com/santa.claus.50!

Flushing Meadows-Corona Park. Seeing the Unisphere all polished up and shiny each Christmas, I am reminded as to why it’s up there in the first place: Because it’s a monument to my #1 wish — Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward All!

Citi Field. Now, while I may be a Yankee fan, as I’ve just now said, I’ve also made it clear that the New York Mets have the better Christmas Party! And believe me, of all the Met players who ever dressed up in a Santa suit, no one else did it better than John Franco! The New York Mets Archives have photos of John, wearing Santa suits par excellence during his long years as a top Met player!

The New York Daily News Building and PIX Plaza. Located at 220 East 42nd Street, a stone’s throw away from United Nations Headquarters, the former home of New York’s Hometown Newspaper, with its big globe of the world in its Main Lobby, remains the homebase of WPIX and the PIX-11 News @ 10! It’s notable for many reasons: first and foremost, my old friends, Alexander and Ilya Salkind and Pierre Spengler, along with director Richard Donner, filmed some of Superman: The Movie there — and every Christmas, Santa held court at the Daily News Building, joined by a lovely lady Elf named Twinkletoes!