When you call your company KringleQuest/Elf Without Jingles LLC, you usually have a lot of projects that go with it. We have three. They are:

KringleQuest! How Santa Claus: The Movie Changed My Life. This, of course, is the companion piece book to the KringleQuest website. It tells the full story of Santa Claus: The Movie — how it was made, who made it, how the entire project was put together, and everything else.

KringleQuest! The Documentary. That’s the feature-length companion to the book, where the saga of Santa Claus: The Movie is told through the words and thoughts of those who are still around to help me tell the story: the filmmakers, the cast, the producers, and even the visual effects artists!

Tales from Santa’s Archives: Real People, Real Santas, Real Stories. As the title suggests, this is the other book project I’ve been working on — where the true stories of Santas from all walks of life are assembled, from the pages of various newspapers and magazines all over the U.S. and around the world.

I certainly hope that you Santa fans can be a part of these three big Kringle dreams; and I’ll often update this page to see if we can’t put all three of ’em together. Stay tuned!