Now, at this point in the site, I want to say a few things about why we do the things we do here at

When I started portraying Santa almost 30 years ago, I had to remind myself that I was playing a role that someone else played for me, during the Christmas season of 1988, when, as a kid in my pre-teen years, I visited the Daily News Building, where Santa was mostly on his own, and Twinkletoes, his lady Elf partner, was not always there to chat with us; nevertheless, as you’ll discover in Kringles I Have Known, Frank Melfo and I had a great many conversations together, and shared much wisdom about the world that surrounded us.

The last time when I visited Santa Frank’s Christmas Throne at the Daily News Building, he gave me something very special. He noticed how much I liked to read books. A lot. And so, as my special present for the season, he gave me a book of stories from all over the world. It was, as I remember, over 300 pages of stories, with lots of illustrations. And while I never discovered Frank’s real name until at least a few short years ago, I know that he did me a great favor, a favor I know I shall treasure forever.

I hope that, by sharing with you this brief memory, I can inspire some of that magic when you choose to book and/or hire me for your special event or service.

And as for why this site is here — well, that’s obvious, isn’t it: to wish all the world, no matter how young or old you are, a very Merry Christmas! Ho-ho-ho!